Legal Notices

    AotTravel reminds you: before using AotTravel, please make sure to read carefully and thoroughly to understand this statement. You can take the initiative to cancel or to stop using AotTravel services, but if you use AotTravel service, your behavior of using will be regarded as the full recognition of this statement. AotTravel is an Internet information tourism services provider. AotTravel collects tourism services information relating to qualified airlines, ticket agents, travel agencies and other tourism services providers, assisting you to search and reserve on the AotTravel cooperation suppliers’ websites or log into the relevant tourism services provider’s websites, but AotTravel don't provide the corresponding services, transport and tourism products. AotTravel reminds you to carefully verify before buying products or services. If you have any questions about the title, price, details and other information of the merchants and services, please contact us before buying to confirm. AotTravel may exist travel service providers to provide products or services, if you found that travel service providers publish any illegal or infringing information, please report to Himyidea and provide effective clues. You understand and agree that the links to third-party websites are provided by AotTravel according to your searching requirements, and you may get information and enjoy service from the third-party websites. AotTravel is unable to control the quality, safety and/or legality of the tourism products and services, unable to guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of the tourism products or services information and the ability of parties to fulfill its obligations under the trade agreement. Unless otherwise specified by AotTravel, you should be cautious to determine the authenticity, legitimacy and validity of the related services and/or information, and to undertake the resulting liability and loss incurred. If you meet any problems relating to the tourism product and/or service, you should contact the providers of the tourism products and/or service. AotTravel will do our best to help you to get real and reliable information, at the same time AotTravel also needs your feedback the problems or fraud when you use, in order to improve the quality of AotTravel network information service. AotTravel does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the external links; at the same time, for such external links that AotTravel does not have actual control, AotTravel does not undertake any responsibility. In order to facilitate your usage, based on the reliable degree of past prices provided by third party websites, ratings, recommendations or risk tips provided by AotTravel is only for your reference. AotTravel does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of such ratings, recommendations or risk tips. AotTravel has no obligation to examine the authenticity and accuracy of the tourism product or service information listed on search results and links, including not limited to, the ticket price whether include any tax information, the airport construction fee, insurance and government fees, or baggage fee charges, etc., such as these charges outside ticket itself. To this, you should judge for yourselves according to the statements of reservation websites. You fully understand and agree that, when you buy tourism products or services through AotTravel, you should be in accordance with the relevant web page display instructions, rules or policies to perform the relevant obligations and enjoy the relevant rights. Such instructions, rules or policies together with this Service Agreement constitutes the whole agreement between AotTravel and you, with which you must comply. You fully understand and agree that you shall timely make payment after you buy products and services through AotTravel; you have not yet completed to buy the products or services, before making the full payment. Your additional costs, losses or no inventory caused by the real-time changes or updating of price, shipping space, quantity, or inventory of the product or service, shall be borne by you, AotTravel does not undertake any responsibility. You fully understand and accept that the failure of payment due to network interruption, bank feedback information mistake, shall be borne by yourself, and AotTravel does not undertake any responsibility. You know and understand that any issued graphics, images, or individual speech through this service represent personal views, ideas and thoughts of the content providers and service consumers, do not represent the views or opinions of AotTravel. For the unpleasant, inappropriate content you may contact with, you shall judge personally and assume all the risks, and AotTravel does not undertake any responsibility. No matter under what circumstances, AotTravel does not undertake any responsibility for any failure or delay of service that are caused by normal information network equipment maintenance, network connection failure information, computers, communications, or some other system fault, hackers, computer virus, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrection, riots, productivity or insufficient productive resources, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, government behavior, the judicial administrative organs of the command, third party causes, etc., such as these behaviors that AotTravel cannot predict or control. Any unit or individual that the content of AotTravel may be suspected of violation of their legitimate rights and interests, should be timely feedback to us or writing to the services providers’ website, and provide proof of identity, ownership certificates and detailed proof of infringement cases, after receipt of the above legal documents, the content of the alleged infringement will be removed as soon as possible from AotTravel. Details please see rights statement. This statement applies to the laws of the People's Republic of China, you and AotTravel agree to obey the jurisdiction of Chaoyang District People's Court in Beijing. If any of these clauses conflict with the laws of the People's Republic of China, these clauses will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the law, while the other clauses still have the force of law.